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Looking for your next hit? You have come to the right place. Track after track after track of hit making material... Larry’s combination of uplifting, original sing along, melodic rock transcends all ages and genres. From ages 8 to 80 and beyond, fans are enjoying his music. Amazing hooks, melodies, harmonies, blazing guitars and songs you will keep on singing because you cannot forget them.  THE HITMAKER! The versatility in Pascale's songwriting are truly unique. Bringing music fans of all genres together. Rock, Hard Rock, Country Rock, Americana & POP.  The ability to write, sing and play anything and everything. Its important to note  that all his songs are written ,sung and all instruments performed by Pascale himself.  "I'm affecting peoples lives with my music and it does not get much better than that" In addition he is truly a world class entertainer and the epitome of a Rock Star. Single handily if need be revitalizing and resurrecting Rock Star & Guitar Hero...A must see live! The destination for all your needs. Larry has played with many national artists and has been touted not just for his 4 octave velvet and when need be rugged voice, beautiful guitar work and hit making songwriting but for his knowledge and and professionalism in the industry as a whole. Larry has forged many relationships in the industry with not just other notables but manufacturers of some of the great gear used by many . Larry has the ability to sound like just about anyone weather it be singing oldies, falsetto, rock, hard rock, ballads, -can do it all. Larry ‘s cumulative multiple years career in the music industry truly speaks for itself. Premier singer, songwriter, guitarist, bassist, arranger, producer and engineer. Larry started his music career at the age of 13 and played in several bands including Suite16 , UPRISING and Uncle Sam . Larry embarked on a solo career in 2010 - Present and has released three solo albums to date: “C U On the Other Side”, “Help Me Find Some” and “Black & Blue”. Now on the precipice of releasing the incredible new record "Split Down The Middle'' June 2023. Watch the videos and enjoy.


Album Name Album Description Link Date
Split Down The Middle Rock / Americana Mix Half Rock / Half Acoustic Tracks. A complete blend of melodic tracks with great vocals...The ultimate of combination 09/17/2021
Black & Blue Rock the way it should be...Memorable melodies and hooks with great guitars...Think Journey, Eagles 10/08/2019
Help Me Find Some Rock 02/02/2016
C U On The Other Side Rock / Americana 02/04/2011


Black & Blue

Scorching vocals and guitars with a great hook. Requested over and over...Versatility unmatched.

How To Be A Man

Watch Pascale break your heart with this masterpiece. The Voice, Melody and Emotion all in one. Will be on the new Release Split Down The Middle Sep 21.

Just Three Days

A classic you will spin over and over. Amazing vocals, guitar and hook. Most requested song on many net stations for months . Another Gem.

Larry Pascale- Promo

Larry Pascale premier singer ,songwriter guitarist, bassist, producer, engineer entertainer… Rockstar! Music for a lifetime, ages 7 to 80+ are enjoying his music. Track after track hit making material for a lifetime. Catch him on tour throughout 2022!

I Wish I Knew Her Name

Harkening back to amazing harmonies, and walking bass-lines this great track from Larry Pascale called I Wish I Knew Her Name will take you back to the 50s through the 80s on one dash! You will not be able to stop spinning this!

Living A Dream

KILLER TRACK! Melodic masterpiece with inspiring lyrics, killer vocals and guitar and another fantastic hook. This is destined to be a classic! To be released on LP's upcoming release Split Down The Middle.

Larry Pascale Interview

Larry Pascale gives you some great insight into the world of his songwriting, inspiration and what he’s trying to achieve. Enjoy this great interview with plenty of song clips and video as well.

1700 Miles To Austin

THE HOOK. One Spin and you instantly can't stop singing it. Destined to be a crossover smash , beautiful song...

Audio Tracks

Just Three Days

A Classic you can't stop singing...Emotional lyrics, stellar vocals and guitar and another great hook. Requested over and over on multiple stations.


Smash in waiting. Brilliant Vocals. Song will crush you. Incredible harmonies with a haunting ending that will break your heart.

How To Be A Man

This track will be huge...Thousands of views just on FB alone ALL WOMEN GOING CRAZY OVER THIS TRACK. Lyrically hits everyone and the versatility in Pascale's vocals speak for themselves

Seventeen Hundred Miles To Austin

The HOOK! Nashville is calling... Chilling, memorable and smashtastic...! You will be singing the chorus over and over and over

Living A Dream

Brilliant melodic rock uplifting track with sensational vocals and guitars...Killer Track that will be on the new release Split Down The Middle

Thank God That Your Mine

Underrated track that is being streamed often...Beautiful harmonies and haunting guitar solo another fantastic track

I Wish I Knew Her Name

Harkening back to amazing harmonies, and walking bass-lines his great track from Larry Pascale called I Wish I Knew Her Name will take you back to the 50s through the 80s on one dash! You will not be able to stop spinning , singing along and dancing to this!

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